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Introducing Humax beIN Sports HD Receiver

by Mahmoud soukarion April 14, 2014
FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil is at the doors, so subscribe for one year and get the Humax beIN Sports HD receiver with embedded smart card reader. All beIN channels are included in HD. Whether you watch soccer, basketball, motorsports or any other sport, this receiver is definitely the easiest way to watch them all. […]

Sony Personal 3D Viewer

by Mahmoud soukarion March 11, 2014
Prepare yourself because the future is here with the new and amazing Sony Personal 3D Viewer. The Personal 3D Viewer provides you with a new experience and way of entertainment that will blow your minds; it’s almost like a cyborg helmet. The Personal 3D Viewer from Sony coordinates HD OLED technology with 3D as well […]


What is 4K Ultra HD?

by Mahmoud soukarion February 19, 2014
4K Ultra HD is the latest display technology that packs around 4 times the pixels of Full HD. The actual 4K resolution is 3840 pixels × 2160 – typically derived by multiplying 1920×2=3840 and 1080×2=2160. However, there are other resolutions that hover around that number, such as 4096 x 2304 and 4096 x 2160, are […]
ChromeCast Edited


by Khaledon July 28, 2013
    Google made a huge splash when the company unveiled the ChromeCast – which is a neat platform agnostic dongle that lets you stream media from your computer, Android or iOS device to your TV. It is very affordable for only $35 you can plug it to your TV & stream wirelessly Netflix, YouTube […]