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iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3

Discussion: iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

by Ahmadon September 16, 2012
So the iPhone 5 has finally been launched and you’re still wondering whether it is worth buying – compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, let’s have a showdown between the two phones here on the x-cite blog. The following are the main features of both phones… Go! iPhone 5: A6 Dual Core CPU 4.0 […]

Switching from iPhone 4s to Galaxy Note

by Ahmadon July 4, 2012
The iPhone 4s' screen comes nowhere close, in my opinion, to the Galaxy Note's (except for the higher pixel count on the 4s) but it does have a slightly better touch experience. Swiping and typing on the 4s is much easier due to the more responsive touch screen. I've noticed that the Galaxy Note's screen sometimes misses a few swipes and taps, but it's not a significant problem because it usually happens when my hands are dry.

Angry Birds Speakers Gear4

Angry Birds Speakers from Gear4

by Ahmadon June 24, 2012
To my surprise, I was quite impressed with the sound quality and bass. Movies and games sound great on the speakers, too!