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Canon IXUS 230 HS Camera

by on July 23, 2012

There are a lot of factors that determine in which category a camera falls in, many of these factors are related to the easiness of using but at the same time the features it offers. In other words can it combine easiness of using and advanced technology at the same time? We will see if the Canon IXUS 230 offers both taking into consideration that Canon has recently released various sets of digital cameras that can provide fantastic photos for beginners although of the limited feature sets in addition to other series that has more advanced features.


When it comes to the Canon IXUS 230, it actually has a lot to offer, the reason is the features that starts with an 8x optical zoom lens that is 224mm equivalent making landscapes photo taking a simple task, the images taken are sharp and will be free of flash or tripod, and that is because of the embedded HS system.

[quote]Couples of creative modes to encounter moving and slowing objects when taking pictures and 1080p full HD videos[/quote] that can be kept steady with the image stabilizer, which is considered an added value.

Handling and ease of use

Due to its compact size and neatly arranged buttons (the menu button and switch on the side, D-pad, playback, and video records button on the rear and a power switch with a zoom-rocker surrounding the shutter), it is easy to handle the camera and take images, moreover, you will be an expert in using it in no time whether you are a picture-taking lover or someone who is not that into it.

The 3-inch LCD screen is just wonderful, in both viewing your pictures or taking them and the menu system is easy to understand with simple explanation of the camera’s settings.

The battery is also good and shoot pictures within seconds and it does not take long to focus.

Overall, I think that it is a very good camera that will satisfy both beginners and professionals and that it is both practical and advanced enough.

Canon IXUS 230 HS

Canon IXUS 230 HS Front View

Canon IXUS 230 HS

Canon IXUS 230 HS Rear View

Available at www.xcite.com 

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