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Fitbit, A Healthier Life.

by Salemon March 18, 2014
  Fitbit is the most fun way to track your fitness schedule. It comes in various devices; Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip. Now each one has its own unique design and functionality. The Fitbit Flex is the newest generation of all three trackers. It really makes fitness a lot of fun. During the […]

Excellent home decoration ideas you must know

by Alaa Zaidanon March 17, 2014
For those of you who are interested in stylish home decoration but don’t necessarily have the time or patience to do major changes to your house, I have a few tips to further expand your decorative options. A small decorative change can significantly alter the mood of a room, you can change the color of the walls, […]


Overview: LG G Flex

by Mahmoud soukarion March 13, 2014
Introducing  LG G Flex the first of its kind, and the most creative smartphone available. The first thing you will notice about the LG G Flex is that it’s curved and its main function is durability. The phone is able to become flat and come back to its original form. This is mostly useful for […]

Sony Personal 3D Viewer

by Mahmoud soukarion March 11, 2014
Prepare yourself because the future is here with the new and amazing Sony Personal 3D Viewer. The Personal 3D Viewer provides you with a new experience and way of entertainment that will blow your minds; it’s almost like a cyborg helmet. The Personal 3D Viewer from Sony coordinates HD OLED technology with 3D as well […]