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Technology and How It All Started

by on October 30, 2012

We’ve said it 100 times; technology rules the world! We depend on it for about everything. We cant survive without our laptops, our cellphones, cameras, TV’s, music players, etc. However, have we ever stopped and thought of how it all started. In other words, how and when was all our precious devices invented? How can you not wonder where it all started? I know I did, so I went out and tried to find out where my favorite devices came from.


The Computer


How it all started

Today, we depend on our laptops for nearly everything. We use them to do our work, download music, watch videos, and so much more. We have the option to choose from different brands, and different types. [quote]The first laptop however, was much simpler.[/quote] It’s fair to say it couldn’t carry out all the functions we now have today. The first computer was introduced to the world in 1837 under the name the Analytical Engine.  Charles Babbage invented the first programmable computer, combining  automatic calculation and programmability. He was able to conceptualize and design a fully functional programmable computer. The Analytical Engine contained an Arithmetic Logic Unit, a basic flow control, and an integrated memory.

The Cellphone


A simpler cellphone

We cant live without our cellphones today. It’s how we stay in touch, do business, and even listen to music. Martin Cooper is the father of the cell phone. [quote]When he first thought of the cellphone he did not imagine his idea would grow and transform to what it is today.[/quote] In 1973, he developed the first cellphone for Motorola. Compared to cell phones today, the first cellphone was heavy and madly expensive. At 1 kg (2.2 pounds) and $3,500 the cellphone was a breakthrough for telecommunications.

The Camera


Camera Obscura to Digital Cameras

Camera Obscura (pinhole camera) was the world’s first camera. Invented by Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham) around 1000 AD, the camera was a first photographic device ever. Ahead of his time, Ibn Al-Haytham was able to develop the camera and explain how images were seen upside down.

The MP3 Player

MP3 player

Play it with Brandenburg

From testing to iPods, MP3 players have been through a whirlwind of change in a few short years. [quote]In 1991, father of MP3, Karlheinz Brandenburg worked with the Fraunhofer Institut to develop the first music player. [/quote]A specialist in mathematics and electronics, Brandenburg introduced the wonders of music to the world by compressing music. Ironically, the development of the first MP3 player was difficult and problematic.

The next time you talk on the phone or listen to your MP3 player, remember how it all started. It was some idea that evolved into something much bigger than anyone could imagine.

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