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The Amazing Spiderman (Spiderman 4)

by on July 12, 2012

Your favourite superhero is back, in New York, Manhattan, with a whole new level of abilities. And since he has got that as his playground, you will be swinging past skyscrapers and towers with a feeling of being in that well-known costume. From webbing in your wrists to swinging across different directions, you will be amazed how many moves you could make with just one game.

[quote]This game will simply make moving around so much fun. Although, it has many levels of difficulty, it is not that challenging like other games. You will certainly not just be flying around town, in fact, you will be beating up thieves, saving citizens and rushing them to the hospitals nearby, going below into the sewers or inside buildings, and many more.[/quote]

If you have watched the movie, expect that it will be based on its events. From the Oscorp facility, and the experiments carried out to the most stressful conditions. It is both serious and funny, just as Spiderman has always been.

Fight crime, and get to learn spiderman’s signature moves with this amazing Spiderman game that will be coming soon to X-cite. Stay tuned..and for the time being, check out our gaming category for more games that may interest you!

Available at www.xcite.com


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  • Miguel Sta Barbara
    July 29, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Very Nice and neatly done . this is something to look forward. Thank you to the creator of this page.!


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