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Redefine Family Time with the GameChanger

by on July 4, 2012

I remember not long ago, I saw the GameChanger on Life Lift, Oprah’s blog. The blog-post went on about how important family time is, and how no parent wants a 150 KD tablet in a child’s hands. Kate Rockwood from Life Lift wrote, “Watching that pricey piece of machinery dangle from my niece’s diminutive hands is enough to make my own palms sweat. Enter the GameChanger.” This clever docking station turns the iPad into a stationary board game, with two foldout sides that are touch sensitive. Different “game skins” make it easy to switch between the two available games, Scholastic’s Magic School Bus and Animal Mania.

[quote]The GameChanger is an electric game board that serves as a docking station for the iPad.[/quote]

It suddenly hit me; the best way to spend family time is playing a board game. In this electronic era, a digital board game made perfect sense to me. It put together the two things I love most in this world; my family and my iPad. One of the perks of working for X-cite is finding out the arrival dates of any electronic product I want. If GameChanger made it to Oprah’s blog then I’m sure it was bound to leave an impression on me too; the premise of an electronic board game had never crossed my mind, but I went ahead and ordered one anyway for my younger siblings and I.

My younger brother, and two sisters absolutely loved it, and to be honest, even our 27-year-old nanny fell in love with it too. It talks, sings, plays videos, catches you when you cheat, and entertains. Dock your iPad into the GameChanger to enjoy an interactive experience and whole new way to play.  Choose your game application and place the game skins on the GameChanger. Set the playing pieces on the board, and breathe life into your iPad, which interacts with the 48 pressure fields transforming the GameChanger into a LIVING board game.

[quote]You’ll love it, the kids will love it, and they’ll love you even more for it.[/quote]

Available at www.xcite.com

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