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Return of the Macbook

by on July 3, 2012

After serious contemplation I have come to the clarity that Technology and Loyalty are never going to see eye to eye. Why do I say this? One word.. Mac!

I have always been a loyal Microsoft OS user, and anything else was beneath it by default. Mac who?! I won’t deny the fact that I have an arsenal of Apple products, but when it came down to computer hardware it was any laptop that operated on Windows. To me Apple was out of its league, and out of loyalty; I never contemplated the idea of even trying one. Until today…Recently I had been offered the opportunity of a free trial on a 15-inch Macbook Pro without any time limits. The first thing I noticed was its design and the only thing I could think of was.. epic! The Macbook Pro chassis is in fact very attractive, and as a very harsh critic on hardware presentation it was relatively easy for me to notice that this laptop is a work of art. Sleek, sturdy, simple and shiny. But whats on the inside? I checked out the specification and realized that this piece of tech is not out there with a chassis that’s dressed to impress.. no its out there to compete with the best of them.

[quote]Fitted with the latest Intel i7 quad core with a processor speed of 2.4 GHz, and 4 GB of RAM .. Yeah I’m installing every PC game I got (and to all WoW addicts out there you know what I’m talking about).[/quote]

Anyway skip the technicalities.. The desktop is simply off the hook. If you fiddled around with an iPad before then you’ll feel like you haven’t wandered away too far from home. Only difference is the trackpad, and what a difference! I can’t really describe it, but in short, forget clicking. The OS responds to touch. you clench your fingers you get an applications list, you spread your fingers apart you go back to the desktop home screen (bearing in mind you have the option of having more than one desktop running!), you push two fingers and you get a right click… so on and so on. This is what high tech is all about! You get a real sense of control with what you’re doing without having to click away like a drone. Ever watched Minority Report? Well watch it and then start using a Mac and you’ll know what I’m talking about. And not to forget whilst doing all that you’ll be looking at a crystal clear (almost full HD) display.


The Whole Family

I can go on all day about the beauty of this machine.. but I still have a lot more to explore so stay tuned…

I wish to issue a public apology to MacBooks, and would like to follow it up by saying: Yes everyone, this is the era of the Mac.

Available at www.xcite.com

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  • BuNa9er
    August 12, 2012 at 10:40 am

    I dont think Apple will ever raise the bar high enough to compete with Microsoft. Quite frankly, thats because of microsoft software like microsoft office. microsoft excel and microsoft word are far superior on Windows. I tried them on my sister’s MacBook and they are both missing so many features! You are paying too much for a glossy piece of aluminum. Thats my opinion.


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