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Archos Lives!

by on August 1, 2012

The Archos

Budget Premium Tablets Exist


The Archos Reloaded

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Moving Pictures at a Standstill

So apparently Archos still exists. For those who missed on the better half of the last decade, before there was such a thing as iPad there  used to be those little, purely multimedia-only, tablets. Same concept except chunkier, clunker, and outdated; that was the Archos. I brought my first Archos back in 2006. It was pretty cool actually, because it made both my portable DVD player and laptop computer redundant when I was constantly on the move. I was able to put in all my ‘legally’ downloaded digital content under one small – relatively small back then – place, and move it around with me wherever I go. Archos was legendary at the time, but it was not very well known. Anyway much like humans, technology gets old and ultimately forgotten if it does not make history. But Archos apparently was only on hiatus, because I spotted a new upgraded edition in X-cite. I was shocked. It’s competing with the iPad? Seriously?

But all comparisons aside I admit I will try it out, because it can either mean two things. It has a trick up its sleeve design wise, or its really going to put the iPad to shame. Though it’s only 8GB (so it already lost in my books) I’ll keep an open mind.

[quote]You know why I’ll keep an open mind about the Archos Tablet? Because of its 51.100 KD price tag, that’s why.[/quote]

This little gadget is the size of a Galaxy Note with a 7-inch HD screen, and 8GB of memory for movies, and music; for 51.100 KD ,not a bad investment.

Cheap? Check. Portable? Check. Convenient? Check. Serves its purpose? Check. This is exactly what you need if you don’t want to bother with high maintenance tech. Although 51.100 KD isn’t that cheap really, but have you seen the market lately on tablets? It’s ridiculously overpriced, honestly. And this thing really does serve its purpose. You won’t have to worry about maintaining it, and you can carry it anywhere.

Think about it… Would you risk taking your 130 KD BlackBerry Playbook, or 170KD Samsung Tab, or even your 199 KD iPad to the desert, soccer match, or in the car during Kuwait’s summer heat? I wouldn’t. The Archos is actually not a bad tradeoff. Yeah I have been looking for this all along now that I think about it. Archos Home Tablet 8GB is the right way to go if your going the wrong way.

Available at www.xcite.com

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