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Terms to know when buying a laptop

by Manaron November 28, 2013
Planing to have a new laptop ? then this article will help you choose the right one. It might not be news for some however, for a lot more specially girls I think, it will be helpful to know those terms that salesmen talk about when they try to convince you buy a laptop. I’m […]

Healthy ways to prepare food

by Manaron September 16, 2013
                      A lot of people gain weight in summer or when they are in vacation. Some people lose weight but a lot gain so today we’ll discuss some smart ways to decrease the calories consumed without even feeling it. In other words we will talk […]


The differences between headphones types?

by Manaron August 25, 2013
                                  I was discussing yesterday with Ahmad T my colleague the differences between headphones types and which one would be the best to enjoy music and at the same time isolate yourself from everything around. I had to do […]
Happy Eid

How to enjoy Eid Al Fitr

by Manaron August 8, 2013
Happy Eid ! This is the first sentence that everyone would be saying today at the first day of Eid Al Fitr. The preparations that comes along with this event are probably showing on everyone by now. The new clothes, Eid activities and the Eidyah part which is Kids favorite. It must be said that […]